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drumFantasy.13: Turkey
February 6-10, 2013
Bilkent Hotel
Ankara, Turkey

drumFantasy.13: USA
August 9-13, 2013
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Cleveland, OH

2013 was a busy and exciting year at Drum Fantasy Camp!

In February, the crew headed over to Ankara, Turkey, for one of the most rewarding camps we have ever done. 55 attendees were treated to an incredible educational experience experience!

Drummers Thomas Lang, Jojo Mayer, and Steve Smith joined Turkish percussionist/educator Teymuralp Merter Fosforoglu for concerts, jams, and classes!

Our amazing Jam Night Band, featuring Baron Browne (bass), Chrissi Poland, (vocals), and Vinny Valentino (guitar), also made the trip. An added bonus: keyboard legend Tom Coster (Vital Information/Santana/Billy Cobham) sat in for the jams! An awesome experience for our attendees!

The opening concert featured Baron, Chrissi, and Vinny. The closing concert featured legendary fusion group Steve Smith and Vital Information. The room was packed and the band "killed it!"

The drum instructors ran two three-hours classes per day for four days. Several lucky guitar players took classes with Vinny, and Chrissi taught vocal classes to some talented young singers. This was the first time we integrated otherinstruments into the camp - and it worked great. Each of the guitarists and vocalists had the opportunity to sit in with the Jam Night Band!

Drum Fantasy Camp would like to thank the many amazing staff members who helped us in Turkey: Teymuralp Merter Fosforoglu, Damla Elif Hanasoglu, Tolga Erelmali, Meslina Kibar, Melisa Turkay, and so many more! We experienced wonderful food, culture, musicians, and hospitality in this wonderful country.

In August, DFC returned to the beautiful Hyatt Regency at the Arcade in Cleveland. Drummers Joe Goretti, Thomas Lang, Aaron Spears, Steve Smith, and Dave Weckl inspired and educated drummers from all over the world!

The camp opened with a blow-out concert featuring Baron, Chrissi, and Vinny performing with out drumming instructors individually. Legendary keyboardist Russell Ferrante (The Yellowjackets) sat in and inspired everyone. All the drummers joined the band at end for an epic jam!

The next four days featured two three-hour master classes per day. Limited to just 15 per class, there was some very personal and intense learning going on! Of course, Dave doesn't own a watch, so his afternoon classes tended to go more than one hour over the time limit. No one complained! Joe Goretti ran his "Career Course," helping younger drummers and their parents understand the music industry - and the strategies that can help support a music career.

Our legendary Jam Nights were truly legendary - with great performances by all of our campers (beginner to professional)! We also had some classic jams featuring out instructors: Joe Goretti rocking out to Michael Jackson, Thomas Lang jamming with Dave Weckl and Aaron Spears, and much more!

The camp wrapped up on August 8 with a concert at Cleveland's Nighttown restaurant. Steve Smith tore it up with and organ trio featuring Tony Monaco (B3) and Vinny Valentino (guitar). Our attendees sat back, relaxed, had a great meal, and saw an amazing show!

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