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COVID-19 Guidelines for Drum Fantasy Camp
UPDATED: 8/4/2023

Statement of Purpose

Drum Fantasy Camp is a private event being held at a privately owned facility (Loews Hollywood Hotel). This facility is in the city of Los Angeles, CA. The city has certain guidelines that enact restrictions when COVID-19 hospitalizations (and other factors) warrant them.

There were no restrictions at the 2022 camp. However, Drum Fantasy Camp and the Loews Hollywood hotel are bound by any restrictions that may be instituted by the city or county of Los Angeles in 2023. We will keep registered attendees notified of changes and update this page throughout the year leading up to the camp.

By registering for ANY or ALL DFC events, attendees will be required to accept any hotel or government guidelines in effect from the time the camp begins to the time it ends.

Current Guidelines
(updated on 8/4/2023)

- No restrictions apply at this time

PLEASE NOTE: you are required to abstain from DFC activities if symptoms of illness are present at any time during DFC.

Failure to Follow COVID-19 Guidelines

At our sole discretion, DFC may terminate your registration for failing to follow any COVID-19 policies put in place by the Loews or any government agency at the time DFC is happening. Anyone who is asked to leave will forfeit the remainder of their registration and not be allowed back in to any Drum Fantasy Camp events. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANYONE WHO IS ASKED TO LEAVE DRUM FANTASY CAMP.

We appreciate your understanding of these guidelines.

Click here to learn more about the camp and to register.
More Information


Write or call and we will be happy to help you!

Steven Orkin
Camp Director